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“Torn sink”


Torn is a free standing basin that draws influence for its unique form from the intriguing power and force of nature. Matt William Simpson.




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LF Sanitari Meneghello Paolelli

LF Sanitari Meneghello Paolelli

Modern and elegant bathroom ceramic basins, toilets and faucets from ArtCeram.

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KOS is an Isle of Pleasure in the field of quality bathrooms from NovaLinea.

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Dream Bathroom Collection by Mariner

Dream Bathroom Collection by Mariner 2Dream Bathroom Collection by Mariner 2Dream Bathroom Collection by Mariner1Dream Bathroom Collection by Mariner1Dream Bathroom Collection by Mariner 2

The range of bathroom faucets in the Dream Collection changes the expression of your bathroom. The Seve Corian and Seve Legno share the same block-like structure in white Corian or Wood accented with chrome

Dream Bathroom Collection by Mariner 2 

and also the Perle and Perle Special. Mariner 

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The Riva Waterfall Faucet from Bongio

The Riva Waterfall Faucet from BongioThe Riva Waterfall Faucet from BongioThe Riva Waterfall Faucet from Bongio Trendir

A large smooth plane of stainless steel provide the waterfall sensation. Bongio

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Corian Sinks from Lagares


The new sink from Lagares, comes with eye catching design in modern minimalist style, really beautiful sink design. Made from tough acrylics with natural materials for a superb, seamless finish. the material also allows for minimalist and linear water outlets which do not require plugs. Available in various vibrant color, the corian sinks from Lagares is an ideal solution for you who want to remodeling your interior in modern style.


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Oyster Kitchen


Oyster is a kitchen that looks to essentiality, offering new solutions to the demand for functionality. The formal purity

of the strictly smooth door, the latest taste in terms of wood pecies, the brilliant modernistic reflections of the hi-gloss lacquers and the futuristic elegance of the matt lacquers are distinguishing features of a design in which a fundamental
role i s played by the Shell System, a technological evolution of “shell” type constructions.


The unusual zebrano or zebrawood with its unmistakable stripes combined with hi -gloss black lacquer are the finishes used here, also for the raised snack bar that is incorporated into the sink peninsula block. The elements of this arrangement include
90 cm and 120 cm wall units with light diffusers fitted in the bot tom, the new 150 cm “Mira” hood, the ultra-modern unit/sideboard and the ovens from the new Rex Electrolux collection with titanium finish.


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