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Bermuda dining table


The wish to place as many friends as possible at one table was the underlying idea for the Bermuda dining table. In his search for a visually reduced look and high structural austerity, the designer developed this construction, which is characterised by a clear and straight form. And yet the table appears to hover in space thanks to the finely defined table top on simple steel triangles. The triangular shape of the legs allows several people to sit at the table without limiting their legroom. Bermuda is available in three sizes, 200 x 90 x 72 cm, 240 x 90 x 72 cm and 280 x 90 x 72 cm.


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by-number #7 (Faqir) trivet


by-number #7 (Faqir) is a new trivet made of silicone. Its fresh and cool design is a humorous attention getter on the dining table at the same time protecting the table surface. The mere appearance of the “bed of nails” seems to keep away the hot pot or pan from the surface. As with a real bed of nails several “nails” are necessary to place the objects safely. The trivet is available in red and black and it is dishwasher-safe.

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Riva in- and outdoor furniture


The Riva design of this in- and outdoor furniture series is a new interpretation of classical garden ensembles. Its appearance is straight-line and bright, and the furniture seems to bear up to any kind of weather. The manufacturer’s distinctive stylistic element is characterised by purism; the clear and reduced visual language dapts harmoniously to any kind of architecture and is still in a class of its own. The bench and table follow the same construction principle, thus creating a harmonic unity. The benches provide seating space for up to ten people.

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MOËL upholstery

2007-01-2373-b.jpgIn contrast to many multifunctional sofas with movable parts the MOËL upholstery defines itself as an easy and comfortable repose that offers the user many seating options. Its name is derived from “moelleux”,a French word meaning “cosy and soft.” The aim of the French designer Inga Sempé has been to create a piece of upholstery that provides extra soft comfort that promises both a feeling of security and relaxation. It has been designed as a kind of functional soft seating shell, which (en passant) succeeds in lending sofa design a new language of form. MOËL complements the many years of the manufacturer Ligne Roset’s expertise in the area of full-foam seating designs and features soft and comfortable upholstery as well as a generous, encompassing backrest. It has been formed out of an oversized soft cushion, which is combined with a supporting shell covered with either leather or pure wool. Its characteristically striped padding on the seat and backrest mediates comfort and cosiness, and creates an in2007-01-2373-a.jpgtriguing contrast with the rigid outline of the supporting structure. The design of this sofa is for everyone who enjoys a cosy and natural as well as relaxing lifestyle and likes to be able to use the seating options of a multifunctional sofa as the mood takes them: upright or lolling, or for welcoming friends. MOËL snuggles up to its occupants like a nest or cocoon. It is inviting and radiates calm – designed for a life full of comfort and zeitgeist.

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S 43 Cantilever Chair



The S 43 Cantilever Chair designed by Mart Stam Celebrated its 78th Anniversary in 2007. New versions with fine wood furnishings provide the classic with a new, varied look. Weatherproof versions facilitate new outdoor deployment possibilities. The S 43 with fine wood furnishings for indoor use represents a second new version of this chair. These furnishings make use of wood from oak and walnut trees. The third version is the S 43 made of weatherproof beech wood. Thanks to an innovation in the treatment of the wood, it is for the first time possible to manufacture weatherproof beech plywood and thus to render such material suitable for outdoor use.

The character of the wood is nevertheless preserved. These versions are also additionally available if so desired in combination with weatherproof fine wood furnishings, e.g. made of teak from controlled cultivation. The use of new materials thus provides the S 43 with a varied appearance and with additional areas of use. The frame for the new S 43 versions designated for outdoor use is made of stainless steel. The indoor version is available with either stainless steel or with chromed tubular steel.

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Lumen Bird – Nest


Invented by artist Adam Frank, this modern little oil lamp casts an enchanting shadow from a tiny, stainless steel tree. As the flame flickers, the shadow of the tree moves like a light breeze is rustling its branches. A unique twist on a normal candle. Give one to your favorite hostess or light several at your next dinner party. The shadow’s intensity and size will be affected by additional light in the room – the darker the room, the better the results. Comes with two containers of odorless, clean-burning liquid wax that last 17 hours each.

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Xcone conference chair


The Xcone is an innovative conference chair similar to a free-swinging chair with cantilever construction. Its central element is a rotatable swivelling joint connecting four conified, bright-chromed steel pipes to a hub. The “basic” version of the chair is covered with mesh fabric that perfectly supports the filigree construction, and offers a very high degree of seating comfort. The Xcone can be rotated by 360 degrees and features a magnetic reset mechanism which smoothly moves the chair back into one of the 90-degree positions. The Xcone hub is not just a technical challenge, it also appeals to the senses. Colour, material and form of the conference chair are freely selectable so as to meet users’ individual wishes. The mesh fabric is available in four colours, the leather versions in eight colours. Furthermore, there are two different kinds of backrest and armrest to choose from.

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