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Naxos- modern X-wall


A new way of distributing the living space. New structures formed by exclusive ceramic models to create an original and unique setting. Ceramic walls can assign purpose to space; they can add interest; they can divide and establish boundaries. Sculptural and smooth, the Naxos X-wall is an ideal addition to a modern, open-plan interior. Living in a loft, yet wanting a way to discern the bathing area from the sleeping quarters? A ceramic wall is the perfect solution, adding an element of privacy without interrupting the space with a solid wall.


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Lace Fence


Who said that fences are boring,and just a way to keep the world out? For certain it wasn’t Demakersvan Duch Design House.

They created an amazing piece of art from nothing. The LaceFence is an interior as well as an exterior product. Each fence is unique in its design by its craft and assembled patterns. The patterns come in a variety of themes, showing how something
which was meant purely functional can also be decorative. The design is versatile depending on the fence’s function, for prevention of climbing on, hiding or enhancing the surroundings or to give an absolutly unique custom made look.

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