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Tank you vase


Tank you” is a vase made in “porcelaine de Limoges”. All our vases are handmade, each model is unique with one of the most creative vases I have seen. War, Peace, Love…All in one.

Tank you is a love story between a tank and a flower. Hold your guns, this is flower power:)


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Fast vase


Ever feel like everything is going in the fast lane? Well, the Cedric Ragot designer created a art piece that captured that dynamic style. These porcelain fast vases are about as cool as they come. Use them with flowers or not.
Sculptural and visceral, they remind us of the fact that from time to time we have to sit back and loosen up the pace. Have a look at something beautiful and enjoy life.

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Yang sofa


At first it’s a unusually shaped and stylish  sofa with a smooth design in a vibrant red. But when you look closer you can interlock it with others to form a one of a kind sectional that will give a new look to any room. Actually, it would fit perfectly in the reading room for the most comfortable reading position ever. Designed by Francois Bauchet

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Leaf Rocking Chair

I am starting to fall in love with the minimalist style. Why should you have a room cluttered with furniture when you can have just a few pieces that will offer you just the right comfort. Leaf is a rocking chair allowing the user to sit low to the ground. Its simple form allows the design to flow providing comfort with a polyurethane ball that locks it into any position. Simple, beautiful and full of color. Designed by Lime Studio

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My egg & soldiers kit

Soldiers are not very well looked after. Eggs have various choice of cups for breakfast but the soldiers are always left on a boring dull plate.It’s quite unfair and not right. They look sad and have already lost before battling with the egg.

Good soldiers need royal horses and a tasty egg needs to be in a humble castle. Takae’s design provides something where they should be and thinks they look much happier and more comfortable. Take a chance for the poor soldier, and make your breakfast more pleasent.. Designed by Takae Mizutani

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Gori Stool

What can you do with  a steel wire and a strip of leather? A simple and very unique furniture piece full of innovation and beauty.

Stools are sometimes the most simple of objects but can often offer the most versatility serving a wide variety of practical uses. From these uses, this stool focuses solely on the act of sitting while challenging perceptions of comfort. Also I aimed to design a stool produce-able yet aesthetic through minimized structure utilizing an economical manufacturing process.Wanju Kim

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FAT FAT small table


I found this FAT FAT small table so interesting and fun that i decided to put another post about B&B Italia furniture made by Patricia Urquoila.
The units recall the ashtrays of yesteryear, or Moroccan ottomans: an ideal surface for placing objects or for storage – once you lift the metal tray. The outside cover in synthetic fabric, felt, leather or pony skin conceals a frame made in orange polyethylene (created through rotational moulding), and a composite of polyurethane with flakes of regenerated PET that determines the shape of the piece.

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