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Milan 2010 – Faucet collection “Pan”

“The Pan collection is our interpretation of the spare, cylindrical type of single lever mixer, which uses classical archetypes to develop aesthetics and new, completely original styles. We focused on connecting the vertical and horizontal elements. As in nature there are no cuts and welds, so the body of our faucet, designed like the trunk of a tree, creates the spout and the handle, using a gentle connection that is designed with exactly the same delicacy one would use in grafting a branch to a tree trunk”, said the designer. Made my Zucchetti.


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Milan 2010 – Silver Lake armchair

Silver Lake takes and retains from the ‘50s a scrupulous choice of materials, whose physical and chromatic qualities are enhanced by a meticulous, deliberate combination of contrasting surfaces. Designer: Patricia Urquiola . source:

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Eugene Armchair- from Milan 2010

The generously proportioned lounge chair EC03 EUGENE exudes lightness and leisure with its high back, wide, deep seat shell and sloped back legs and presents the modern interpretation of a classic lounge chair. Manufacturer: e15.

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Stripe Chair

A redesign of the Panton Chair, using stripes as the main feature finished in a black paint. Designer: Joachim King

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Slant Table

Slant Table gives rooms a certain style: Its design sets accents, its light emphasizes smaller areas and shows them to advantage. Its look is unconventional, likeable and it is characterized by an open lightness. Designer:

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Trio of vases

Two unique sets of curvaceous porcelain vase trios. A group of three white hand-glazed forms that are curved to fit together when arranged. Designer: Eva Zeisel and Klein Reid.

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Xila Kitchen

The kitchen has been manufactured since 1972 and it was the first kitchen available with no handle, with a door opening, on the base units.

The old model is reviewed and offered entirely removing the handles, on the intermediate drawers and on the refrigerator tall units too, through the addition of new aluminium extruded profiles available in three finishes. Designer: Boffi.

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