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” The more the merrier” candle holders


The design is a blend of the formal and the informal. Crystal inspired candle holders are made of the softest matt rubber; the garland-like arms are pressed in hard wearing steel and then coated. Assembly can be conducted with a sense of meticulous symmetry, or with complete chaos, as you wish. Muuto .



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Tin mal

Tin mal

Very special tin candle holder from Mat&Jewski.

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Wall flame I- from Radius


»Wall flame« is wall-mounted and provides an attractive addition to a room aside from fulfilling its normal function. This elegant, guaranteed inflammable wall-mounted corpus is attractive to look at and embellishes every wall.

Who does not dream of sitting in front of an open fire on long winter evenings? What in our great-grandmother’s time was nothing out of the ordinary and tended to be a poor source of heat is nowadays a luxury. The »home flame collection« offers the romanticism of flames on a bio-ethanol basis for every use and budget. The patented combustion chamber with its ceramic foam inside guarantees an especially attractive, even set of flames and simple operation down to the last drop. Its sophisticated design allows free-standing operation wherever it is desired. From Radius .


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RAIS Komba- soapstone fireplace


The RAIS Komba has an efficient firebox surrounded with panels of soapstone that are sanded to a smooth finish. A truly unique stove, its unsurpassed elegance transforms it from a mere source of heat to living, warm furniture. The shine and color of the steel gray metal of the stove contrasts and enhances the beautiful soapstone panels.


The RAIS Komba is offered with soapstone panels or steel sides and a soapstone baking liner and top plate. It is also available in gray steel with a matching steel baking door for the baking compartment.

With a tightly-sealed firebox, the RAIS Komba provides effective and efficient burning of wood and allows for easy control of the heat output.

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