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Marrakesh, sun for the soul collection from Dedon


Sun for the soul. The MARRAKESH Collection takes you away to the mesmerizing and mystical world of Morocco. A magical play of shapes and colours, the familiar and exotic – an oasis of peace.
The colours of spices and fruit, the green walls and blue doors are echoed in MARRAKESH’S vibrant colours.
The round, mosque-inspired arches are the collection’s atylistic feature. The generous atyling is an invitation to inspiring serenity and the Moroccan accents lend it a touch of Arabian nights and sweep one away to a world full of magical moments.
The classic shape and herringbone weave underscore the collection’s new colours, Sand and Brazil.
The legs of each piece are protected by brass rings. The beach chair and recliner have a hidden mechanism for an infinitely variable backrest that is activated by a twist of the wrist.
MARRAKESH uniquely combines deeply felt spirituality and Oriental hospitality. An interaction of traditional contrours and luscious colours that create a platform for inimitable socciability.


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Loop candleholder


To avoid burning one’s fingers when lighting a tea-light the candleholder has a special “loop” mechanism. A weight in the candleholder makes the holder automatically revolve and locate itself in the correct position. The candleholder is held by two side springs that makes it simple to remove from the glass by using a pointed object to press the metal connector. The outer glass rests on a stainless steel tray. Georg Jensen

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Pink Punk Tall Vase


The Pink Punk tall vase is a hand-made vase made of translucent acrylic in an aluminium frame wrapped with real leather. With its translucent character, the vase displays the stems of flowers in an interesting way. It is a limited edition, only 500 pieces, with each one having a serial number. The Pink Punk tall vase, which uses acrylic for a translucent effect, was the finale of her first collection to be exhibited abroad. “If the vase is made of transparent glass, you’ll see the water get murky after a few days. The acrylic vase, however, hides that unsightly liquid and gives a sexy silhouette of a slender twig,” she explains. Designed by Sani Saksuwan.

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Gaucho seating furniture


Gaucho is a striking chair for lounges, clubs, lobbies and private living rooms. It consists of two dynamic wooden arches, which can be joined simply and quickly. The design is purist, but nevertheless dynamically shaped, introverted and static. The sophisticated veneer wood adhesion in a core of beech wood and waxed noble woods on the surface provides stability. One sits in a suspended, upright and healthy position.

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Code by Ola Wihlborg table accessories


The Code plate and baskets are made from laser cut and powder-coated sheet of steel. Their design is peel with both an organic and austere expression. It seems to be light and fragile but it is heavy and reliable. One can for example use them as a code for wood, fruit, blankets or magazines. It can also perform empty and be an aesthetically shaped sculpture.

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Up 2000 Series


Since its first appearance, the Up series, designed in 1969, has been one of the most outstanding expressions of design. The exceptional visual impact of seven models of seats, in various sizes, has made them unique in time. Up5 is the collection’s most famous, a female figure tied to a ball-shaped ottoman symbolizing the shackles that keep women subjugated’. A large sculpture that celebrates both the modern and the traditional, the UP7 “foot” is almost an archaeological relic of the modern era, expressing a fusion of art and design. Elastic fabric cover is available in black, red, yellow, blue and dark green, besides the beige and orange striped solution.
B&B Italia

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The MAGNUM Chair, with its reduced design mode, demonstrates a successful synthesis of transparent ease, modernity, master craftsmanship and technical excellence. The suspended independent design of the MAGNUM cantilever chair presents a technical innovation. It is the first time that a single ply transparent knitted net has been successfully stretched from the back of the chair to the seat, providing stability. In this way the inner construction of the chair is intelligently concealed within the fabric giving an elegant “form follows function” character. The classically timeless frame supported by straps bears the construction. The hem of the one-piece fabric embraces the frame within seamlessly. The meeting of frame and fabric is thereby rendered invisible. The relevant technology has already been patented. The cantilever can also be supplied with a upholstered seat of classically elegant padded leather and with wooden armrests. By TEAM 7

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