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Coco Flip lamps

Designer Kate Stokes of Coco Flip has worked with Victorian manufacturers to produce the shade which celebrates the interplay of materials and references each manufacturing process.


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Ayers Lamp shade

Striking, large scale suspension highlighted by a hand-blown, Murano glass shade . There are two inner layers of white glass and then two additional layers of either gloss black or white glass. An incandescent light source provides diffused illumination. Companion wall, ceiling, table and floor designs are available. Designer: Leucos.

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ICFF 2010 trends-inspired by nature

Oshibe means stamen in Japanese which is where my inspiration came from. But Oshibe is also inspired by other optimistic elements of life: eggs, plants, light and the moon. This is a playful interactive lighting sculpture. When you put eggs on stamens, Oshibe plays tender ambient sounds and lights up. Each stamen plays a different sound. The sounds change according to the number and position of the eggs. Designer:

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Oak chandelier

A very interesting chandelier made of oak.  Wonderful shadows and design made by Dizajn Nudrvetu.

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Pendant light “Noon 12”

Hanging lamp with 12 lampshades, frame in browned iron, laquered, lampshapes in glassine white, textile black (inside white) diffusor prevents glare for avoiding electromagnetic pollution all lamps are earthed adjustment to suit other room heights on application.

designer: Zeitraum. It was presented at : IMM Cologne 2010.

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Arba Lamp

Classic but with an eye for the contemporary, the urbane as well as the natural: this is the essence of ARBA. The native wood of the maple is especially oiled to endow it with unique characteristics of high resilience, stability, and exceptional texture. Designer: Belux.

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Home Light

hope 1 candelabru 1

Incredibly light and easy to assemble, Hope represents the magic of traditional lamps, reinterpreting them with sophisticated technologies and contemporary materials. Designer: Luceplan.

hope 1 candelabru 2

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