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Plugless sink

Plugless sink is exactly that, a sink without a plughole. To get rid of the grey water we have to tip the water out. By doing so we become more conscious of how much water we are using and mainly throwing away. This sink shows the value of water through its volume and promotes water re-usage. Maja Ganszyniec


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KOS is an Isle of Pleasure in the field of quality bathrooms from NovaLinea.

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Contemporary Double vanity from Mariner

Contemporary Double vanity from Mariner

This contemporary double vanity which represent Mariner style.

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Grace bathroom


The shower, sink, shelves, mirrors and storage units are each, in themselves, pieces of artistic expression that have a great visual impact when teamed together. Storage compartments made of fine oak or walnut, plus a sink in glass or porcelain complete the look with their complementary touches. from Elidur .


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Max Color- TresGriferia’s Bathroom Faucets

tresgriferia-faucet-max-color-4.jpgThe perfectly cylindrical shape of the modern faucet is inviting to the user – and appears fresh in a shining stainless steel finish. Max Color offers vibrant colours and soothing neutral hues (Orange, White, Green, Red and Black) to complement your decor. Max Mad alternatively seeks to harmonise with your woodwork through its Beech and Walnut options.

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eMOTE and eTECH infrared fittings from Dornbracht




eMOTE and eTECH infrared fittings make use of captivating high-quality design and intelligent technology. Electronic tap fittings with form and function in perfect harmony. In the AUTOMATIC variant it is: hand in, water on, hand out, water off – just like in the ON-OFF variant: hand in, water on, hand in again, water off.

With this series of fittings, Dornbracht presents electronic basin mixers that operate by means of integrated infrared sensor
technology. The individual fittings are coordinated to different areas of application and most importantly, to different user
groups: the same users, who once they have learned what to do, can keep applying it and varying users, who have to work
out what to do intuitively and immediately. Dornbracht offers the possibility to have a sleek, modern and with a great design bathroom.


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A luxury and modern beauty for your bathroom.The gorgeous, geometric sink and undemanding, curving faucet demonstrate that a well-equipped bathroom can also feature stripped-down style. The grain of the rosewood – whether painted matt or shiny brushed) adds a natural point of interest, meaning that the ultra-modern Kubik retains a sense of approachability. The contemporary units are uninterrupted by handles, and the drawers glide smoothly as to not disturb the tranquil atmosphere. Designed by Lino Codato, the Kubik bathroom is from Milldue.

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