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Doeloe armchair

Doeloe means a time that has passed, public transportation vehicles that were used in Jakarta on 1930′s to 1979 look similar with this chair. Using rattan materials, which are consider as a classic material, “doeloe” had the purpose for a back in time moment. Designer:Abie Abdillah.


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Maison et Objet 2010-Heklad Stal- laced shelf

Designer’s words: “Our grandmothers crocheted beautiful lace doilies. As children we especially liked the ones they used to pin on the outer edge of a shelf in the living room or maybe the kitchen shelves. The evening sun, when shining on the delicate work, made wonderful shadows that triggered our imagination.” Designer: Studiobility.

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Mussle chair

The Mussel is intended for young people but also children and adults. I have tried to visualize the symbiosis that can occur between child and adult in a cozy environment. Transferring the concept and form of the mussel, into a form where I have let myself be inspired by the mussels idiom. Because the mussel for me symbolizes and expresses the symbiosis and dependence of two objects – the shell and the mussel.
Designer: Hanne Kortegaard.

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Oyster bed

The regal design of this piece shows an environment of elegance, for people how love the taste of preciousness or just looking for a phrase of refinement. The bed by the strong, peremptory presence will be available whit round or rectangular headboard and in simple roundbed version.Producator: Nest Italia.

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Choix Chair

Designer’s words: “This chair represents positives and negatives. In life,  when faced with difficulty or opposition, you have a choice in how you react. The coiled side represents a negative pattern of thoughts. The straight side represents an effort towards a more positive perspective, which draws you up and away from the coiled confusion and isolation.” Designer:Jamie Prendergast .

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Weaved outdoor furniture “Black Lace”

Like a mysteriously beautiful woman, the Black Lace Collection creates a statement wherever it goes; witness the gorgeous snowflake pattern that’s cast in shadow by the sun. Inspired by this interplay of light and shadow and the multitude of patterns found in nature. Designer:  Seasona Living.

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