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Scroll chair

A minimal design inspired by the Chinese traditions regarding calligraphy was the winner of the 2010 Grand Prize of Designed of China. The curvy seat resembles the scroll that was used for painting and writing by the Chinese people. Designer: XU Gongwei.


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Brera- cofa collection

Brera—a vessel, a shell, a hull, an open, welcoming form entirely upholstered in leather. An upside-down, elongated saddle resting on fine metal stirrups and filled with cushions that follow the form even as they make its expression a blissfully inviting one. This is a most uncommon, yet somehow remarkably natural-seeming sofa—one in which the finest traditions of saddlery and upholstery combine to give life to an entirely fresh and even seductive  interpretation of a fundamental piece of furniture. Designer:I 4 Mariani.

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Emu Heaven Seating

An allure of sensual and sophisticated elegance comprise the refined collection Heaven by Jean-Marie Massaud, in which the metal mesh of the pieces is woven like a fabric.

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Outdoor furniture from Smarin

Neo livingstones, the aesthetics of nature, the infinite comfort of a suitable structure
Surprising outdoor furniture. Soft and comfortable giant pebbles, as if polished by the air and the wind, assembled into an imaginary landscape.
A modular alternative that combines simple construction, completely rounded, with complete and informal ergonomics, that forms the most extravagant shorelines. Designer: Smarin.

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Milan 2010 – Silver Lake armchair

Silver Lake takes and retains from the ‘50s a scrupulous choice of materials, whose physical and chromatic qualities are enhanced by a meticulous, deliberate combination of contrasting surfaces. Designer: Patricia Urquiola . source:

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Eugene Armchair- from Milan 2010

The generously proportioned lounge chair EC03 EUGENE exudes lightness and leisure with its high back, wide, deep seat shell and sloped back legs and presents the modern interpretation of a classic lounge chair. Manufacturer: e15.

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“Mist” armchair


The sweet mantle gives to the “Mist” armchair a charme recalling lightness and comfort. Rodrigo Torres.

Scaunul Mist1

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