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OOO Lamp

The light is a nice blend of Italian architecture and the smart Dutch Design and a stylish ornament which can be stuck in between a pile of books. A simple clean and elegant design from Sergio Mannino and Dutch designer Jan Habraken.


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It looks clean and simple, and it can be moved easily. A simple shelf that offers a good organizaton sollution  in any room and it also has a simple and modern design. Nisse Strinning.

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Natuzzi’s Nicolaus

Nicolaus is a sofa fitted with the exclusive soft touch mechanism that allows the person seated to adjust the seat and backrest position w ith a simple hand movement. One brush of the sensor on the side of the Nicolaus armrest and the tilting position of the cushions is adjusted to obtain the desired degree of comfort. Versions in leather could have different stitching compared to those infabric. Natuzzi.

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Total comfort and relaxation in the garden. Perfect way to get away from the heat and the daily noise. A design that stands out with it’s pure and interesting shape like a place top hide form everything for a quiet time. Busnelli.

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The thinnest folding chair in the world. Ellegant and with a minimalistic look that has a sleek design. Isis chair designed by Jake Phipps.

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Spine rocking chair

The gesture of rocking is a relationship – a give and take. I’m trying to swiss-cheese the idea of form by perforating the solid and installing a bone structure; light, open, simple. This rocker is pined together. Vivian Beer

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Let there be Light or “Fiat Lux”

A very simple table, with simple lines, subtle finish, but an innovative idea that will bring some rays of style on  your bedroom sideboard.Cate Hogdahl & Nelson Ruiz-Acal.

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