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Garden Plate

Combining extreme lightness and visual transparency, Junya Ishigami continues his experimentation with deceptive design in Garden Plate. The low table acts as an evocative, out-of-scale home garden. Through ishigami’s artistic approach to his designs throughout his career, he has helped to redefine the boundaries between art and architecture.


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Bride a very feminine lamp

The atmosphere created by the bride is feminine and airy; this most definitely a lamp with a gender; evidently that of the fairer sex. and for those who enjoy plenitude, several brides look simply radiant together creating a feeling of fruitfulness and abundance in a room and illuminating large spaces beautifully.

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Morgenland – Tea service

A beautiful and delicate Tea set called Morgenland will show you an Westen take of the oriental traditions of the tea. Designer: Zitta Schnitt.

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Ayers Lamp shade

Striking, large scale suspension highlighted by a hand-blown, Murano glass shade . There are two inner layers of white glass and then two additional layers of either gloss black or white glass. An incandescent light source provides diffused illumination. Companion wall, ceiling, table and floor designs are available. Designer: Leucos.

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ICFF 2010 trends-inspired by nature

Oshibe means stamen in Japanese which is where my inspiration came from. But Oshibe is also inspired by other optimistic elements of life: eggs, plants, light and the moon. This is a playful interactive lighting sculpture. When you put eggs on stamens, Oshibe plays tender ambient sounds and lights up. Each stamen plays a different sound. The sounds change according to the number and position of the eggs. Designer:

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Ocean jettys inspired planters

The unique forms that were created for the series draw inspiration from ocean jettys, and are meant to inspire contemplation, and provoke conversation. For these reasons Element adds a modern yet familiar feeling to any project or garden. Manufacturer:

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Trio of vases

Two unique sets of curvaceous porcelain vase trios. A group of three white hand-glazed forms that are curved to fit together when arranged. Designer: Eva Zeisel and Klein Reid.

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