Eden whirlpools


The pure beauty of shape in a collection of bathtubs with a minimal design and perfectly smooth surfaces, which stimulate a desire for simplicity and intimacy while enjoying a bath. You can let your whole body relax under water in the 50 cm deep Eden whirlpools, to be rejuvenated with the reviving massage produced by the bubbles of air rising from the bottom and by the strong side water jets. 4 back/foot jets, available solely in the PLUS version, complete the massage with an overall beneficial effect on the whole body. q9qi_eden180_03.jpgThe particular inclination of the bathtub interior encourages a fully relaxed position with your head comfortably supported by a pillow. There is a new, elegant, easy-to use single control with a modern design (rubber sides to ensure adherence; backlit ON/OFF button; clear, user-friendly symbols on function keys) for setting the hydromassage manually. The Eden whirlpools may be combined with the Anthropos and Andros cabins and can also be fitted with panels in a wenge or white oak finish for a new concept of bathroom in which the tub and shower cubicle harmoniously coexist, adapting to the furnishings or even dictating the style, giving an original and cherished atmosphere to the bathroom.


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