Hoffmann Sessel


A perfectly coherent composition. A brilliant combination of practicality, productive economy and elegance.
Simple, clean geometry providing a stable, solid and encompassing chair. This armchair, designed by Josef Hoffmann, plays on a skilled architectonic construction. A classic piece that will always be up-to-date due to its combination of comfort and formal beauty.
Made from beech wood with a padded, leather or TV leather-covered back and seat.
The simple stitching becomes an elegant decorative design. The famous Siebenkugelstuhl is a true symbol of modern furniture.
The curved beech technique means that the chair back and back legs are formed from a single piece of wood. The spheres serve two purposes: they represent a pure, formal, decorative symbol and, at the same time, a structural union between the elements, making for an innovative assembly.
This is a timeless design that was originally presented in 1908 at the Wiener Kunstschau by the Viennese master and reintroduced in a prestigious new edition by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna.

A part from the classic natural and whitened beech wood, light and dark walnut, light and dark cherry wood, wengé and anthracite finishes, the Siebenkugelstuhl is also available in yellow, red, blue and orange painted versions.

Thonet Vienna.



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