Glitter collection Axolight


The Glitter collection is inspired by bracelets and chains and the sparkle they produce as they wind round the wrist or neck of an elegant lady. It is a collection that invites you to enter a world of luminous refinement.

Lights in the Glitter collection are made of a series of glass pieces joined together vertically by a flat, shiny steel hook to form chains, applied to a shiny, stainless steel plate. The individual pieces of glass all have variable lengths and the three lengths are aligned in a seemingly casual manner in order to form chains of different lengths, which, when placed together, create a fringed surface.
The length and number of chains varies according to need and use. Clients can choose from numerous standard solutions or can create ad hoc lights with longer or shorter chains for public spaces, increasing the number to form luminous walls.
Glitter is made even more flexible by its finishes which, as well as being aesthetically different, contribute to creating varied lighting effects. The mirrored glass version filters part of the light, while the white opal sanded glass version allows greater light diffusion.



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