S 43 Cantilever Chair



The S 43 Cantilever Chair designed by Mart Stam Celebrated its 78th Anniversary in 2007. New versions with fine wood furnishings provide the classic with a new, varied look. Weatherproof versions facilitate new outdoor deployment possibilities. The S 43 with fine wood furnishings for indoor use represents a second new version of this chair. These furnishings make use of wood from oak and walnut trees. The third version is the S 43 made of weatherproof beech wood. Thanks to an innovation in the treatment of the wood, it is for the first time possible to manufacture weatherproof beech plywood and thus to render such material suitable for outdoor use.

The character of the wood is nevertheless preserved. These versions are also additionally available if so desired in combination with weatherproof fine wood furnishings, e.g. made of teak from controlled cultivation. The use of new materials thus provides the S 43 with a varied appearance and with additional areas of use. The frame for the new S 43 versions designated for outdoor use is made of stainless steel. The indoor version is available with either stainless steel or with chromed tubular steel.


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