MOËL upholstery

2007-01-2373-b.jpgIn contrast to many multifunctional sofas with movable parts the MOËL upholstery defines itself as an easy and comfortable repose that offers the user many seating options. Its name is derived from “moelleux”,a French word meaning “cosy and soft.” The aim of the French designer Inga Sempé has been to create a piece of upholstery that provides extra soft comfort that promises both a feeling of security and relaxation. It has been designed as a kind of functional soft seating shell, which (en passant) succeeds in lending sofa design a new language of form. MOËL complements the many years of the manufacturer Ligne Roset’s expertise in the area of full-foam seating designs and features soft and comfortable upholstery as well as a generous, encompassing backrest. It has been formed out of an oversized soft cushion, which is combined with a supporting shell covered with either leather or pure wool. Its characteristically striped padding on the seat and backrest mediates comfort and cosiness, and creates an in2007-01-2373-a.jpgtriguing contrast with the rigid outline of the supporting structure. The design of this sofa is for everyone who enjoys a cosy and natural as well as relaxing lifestyle and likes to be able to use the seating options of a multifunctional sofa as the mood takes them: upright or lolling, or for welcoming friends. MOËL snuggles up to its occupants like a nest or cocoon. It is inviting and radiates calm – designed for a life full of comfort and zeitgeist.


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