UNTITLED Lights By Karen Ryan


Traditional lampshades are upholstered in artists’ canvas, and the inner surface is then painted.

Untitled are paintings that are internally lit, and the familiar scallop standard lamp shade was used as canvas. The lamp shade has been made larger than normal 18 inches 23 inches and its internal light fitting redesigned for its new life.

The scallop shade is primed as tradititional canvass is with gesso, its structure is made opaque so that no light penetrates its form but instead lights the thickness and stroke of paint marks and colours.  Karen Ryan



  1. Jess Davis said

    I am a yr 10 design and tech student at Calrossy Anglican School in NSW Australia, and i am researching your ‘Untitled Lamps’ for a project. I was wondering if i could get some info on your country of origin and what influenced you when designing this lamp. it would be much appreciated. Thank You.


  2. Mon said

    Hello Jess. Good luck with your project Jess but I’m sorry to tell you that i don’t have the info. I’m not the one that is making this lamp. You could have a look at the designer’s web site that is in this post of mine.

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