Talak light


A delicate symbol
The path to the final form of a light is as varied as the persons who create it. The design might start with a material, an idea of a certain functionality or even a future-oriented vision of the nature of a new light. The Artemide company, founded in 1958 by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza, has repeatedly come up with surprising and highly expressive designs that explore new horizons and which have often established themselves as icons of good design. Occasionally, their lights have baffled and challenged the beholder at first glance, only to reveal the full extent of their design quality shortly afterwards. A recent design for Artemide is the Talak light by the designer Neil Poulton. One’s first impression is that of a reduced, delicate and unfamiliar, yet also clear language of form. A fluorescent tube is enclosed within a white housing, which is inspired and based on a rattle from the world of soccer. Thus, the light has been given a symbolism that makes it emotionally accessible and familiar. The design with an innovative T2 fluorescent lamp has allowed for the small dimensions of the light and facilitated its filigree and reduced appearance. Due to these technological as well as aesthetic characteristics, the Talak light can be put to use in any room and its versatility is supported by a sophisticated functionality. Coming in various models, either equipped with a table base or as a clamp version, the light can be adjusted both horizontally as well as vertically, and thus adapted to different needs and lighting situations. The Talak family consists of table, wall and suspension lights.


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