Marrakesh, sun for the soul collection from Dedon


Sun for the soul. The MARRAKESH Collection takes you away to the mesmerizing and mystical world of Morocco. A magical play of shapes and colours, the familiar and exotic – an oasis of peace.
The colours of spices and fruit, the green walls and blue doors are echoed in MARRAKESH’S vibrant colours.
The round, mosque-inspired arches are the collection’s atylistic feature. The generous atyling is an invitation to inspiring serenity and the Moroccan accents lend it a touch of Arabian nights and sweep one away to a world full of magical moments.
The classic shape and herringbone weave underscore the collection’s new colours, Sand and Brazil.
The legs of each piece are protected by brass rings. The beach chair and recliner have a hidden mechanism for an infinitely variable backrest that is activated by a twist of the wrist.
MARRAKESH uniquely combines deeply felt spirituality and Oriental hospitality. An interaction of traditional contrours and luscious colours that create a platform for inimitable socciability.


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